Donkey's Sold in 2019

 Name:  Kerns Pepper (Jack)
DOB:  May 1st, 2019
Sire:  The Elms Makenna's Gold
Dam:  HCF Enchanted Pixie

 Name:  Kerns Tiara (Jenny)
DOB:  May 24, 2019

Sire:  The Elms Makenna's Gold

Dam:  Windcrest My Own Sweet Time

 Name:  Kerns King (Jack)
DOB: June 11, 2019
Sire: The Elms Makenna's Gold
Dam: The Elms Kokette


NAME:  Kerns Cleopatra (Jenny)

DOB:  6/27/2019          

SIRE:  Elms Makenna’s Gold       

DAM:  Continental Channel No. 5

 NAME:  Kerns Marc Anthony (Jack)

DOB:  6/27/2019          
SIRE:  MGF Firewater      

DAM:  Kerns Gypsy Rose

NAME:  Kerns Red  (Jack)

DOB:  7/3/2019          

SIRE:  MGF Firewater      
DAM:  Windy P’ass’tures Abolu Red


NAME:  Kerns Sparky (Jack)
DOB:  7/1/2019
SIRE:  The Elms Makenna
DAM:  Mini J's Haylee

NAME:  Kerns Pocahontas (Jenny)                
DOB:  7/16/2019          
SIRE:  MHF Firewater      
DAM:  Kerns Precious           


DOB:  8/1/2019

SIRE:  The Elms Makenna’s Gold      

DAM:  LN Foxy Dark