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If you are looking for a loving pet, a future brood jennet, or herd sire, I may have the right donkey for you.  Keep checking the For Sale page for frequent updates.

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 Name:  Kerns Moon  (Jenny)
DOB:  June 17, 2019
Sire:  The Elms Makenna's Gold
Dam:  MGF Under a Harvest Moon

Price: $2,000.00 (Sale Pending)

Hi....  My name is Moon & I'm looking for my forever home.  My mommy is a MGF Jenny, and daddy is The Elms black & white spotted Jack.  They tell I'm from good stock.  When I smile I have a perfect bite which makes me pretty special.  They named me Moon from my mommy, plus I have a black moon on my hip.  I love running in the grass & checking out this big world.  I hope you want to meet me & maybe make me a part of your family!  I'll show you bunches of love! 

 NAME:  Kerns Cleopatra (Jenny)

DOB:  6/27/2019          

SIRE:  Elms Makenna’s Gold       

DAM:  Continental Channel No. 5

PRICE:  $1,700 (Sale Pending)

Hi, my name is Cleopatra; I'm a black beauty with a cross.  I'm only 7 days old and not very big yet.  I love to run & my legs are getting stronger by the day.  I’m totally fearless, but loving at the same time.  I always have time for a scratch & a hug!! I'll be ready for my forever home sometime in October.   I would love it if you came to visit me.  Also I give free donkey hugs & kisses!! 

 NAME:  Kerns Marc Anthony (Jack)

DOB:  6/27/2019          
SIRE:  MGF Firewater      

DAM:  Kerns Gypsy Rose

PRICE:  $800.00 – Pet  (Sale Pending) 

$1500.00 – Breeding Jack 

Hi, my name is Marc Anthony and I’m a stunning red Jack.  My statue will be on the small side since both of my parents heights are only 29.75 and 30 inches tall.    They say “great things come in small packages”. I’ll be ready & anxious to meet my new owners in October. 

NAME:  Kerns Red  (Jack)

DOB:  7/3/2019          

SIRE:  MGF Firewater      
DAM:  Windy P’ass’tures Abolu Red
PRICE:  $800.00 – Pet  (Sale Pending)

$1500.00 – Breeding Jack  (Sale Pending)

Hi my name is Kerns Red and I’m a stunning red Jack.   You could say that I’m a continental Jack; since my mom is from Canada and my dad is from Nebraska.  My adventure started here in Ohio.  I arrived with a bang, & stood up straight & strong immediately.  The rain didn’t stop me from entering into this big world.  My temperament is very loving and I’ll be a loyal addition to your family.  I’ll be available for my forever home and next adventure in October.   


NAME:  Kerns Sparky (Jack)
DOB:  7/1/2019
SIRE:  The Elms Makenna
DAM:  Mini J's Haylee
PRICE:  Sale Pending

Hi, my is Sparky.  My name describes me perfectly.  I was born close to the 4th. of July & I lit up the nursery.  I'm excited because I'm going to go live with Pepper, my fellow nursery mate.

NAME:  Kerns Pocahontas (Jenny)                
DOB:  7/16/2019          
SIRE:  MHF Firewater      
DAM:  Kerns Precious           
PRICE:  $1500.00 (Sale Pending)

Hi, my name is Pocahontas & I was born on 7/16/19.  I’m a spirited & beautiful little girl.   My coloring is brown with black accents around my ears & legs.  My black cross stands out on my brown body which makes me very striking!   The legend says as Jesus was taken to the cross a shadow of the cross was cast on a little donkeys’ back who was in the path.  It’s unique only to my breed.  I feel blessed & proud that I have something on my back that reminds people of our Lord!!  I’m a complete package.  I’m affectionate, playful and I bond everyday with my human caretakers at the farm.  They imprint this behavior in me by taking me out to play & showering me with love every day.  This interaction is so powerful in my development that I will trust humans forever.  This begins my journey towards trusting humans & establishes loyalty towards my new owners.  Take me home & I promise to show you unconditional love & loyalty every day!!  My breed lives to be 30 to 35 years so that’s a long time for us to be best friends!  
I’ll be ready for my forever home in four months….see you then!! 


DOB:  8/1/2019

SIRE:  The Elms Makenna’s Gold      

DAM:  LN Foxy Dark           

PRICE:  $2,000.00 (Sale Pending)

Hi, my name is Fancy & it describes me perfectly!  I was born on August 1st with a beautiful black shiny coat with no cross.  My farm caretakers say I’m pretty spiffy!!!  Even the other miniature donkeys took notice when I made my debut into this wonderful world.  My black coat was glistening in the bright sunshine.  You could say I was the talk of the farm that day.  I had so many wonderful visitors on my birth day & they were all complimenting how cute I was.   I will never forget that day I had so much fun…fun…fun!!  I especially enjoyed running & playing with the children.  

My personality is sweet, adorable & lovable.  I will make a perfect pet since I can play well with humans & animals.  I need to be with my donkey mom for 4 months then I’ll be available for my forever home.  By then I’ll be healthier & even more adorable.  In the meantime if you would like to come & meet me in person just give my caregivers at the farm a call.  They’ll be happy to introduce us.  Once we meet it will be a match made in heaven!!  I’m saving bunches of donkey hugs & kisses just for you!!